Children and youth are our next generation of leaders! It’s imperative to ensure their bright minds are engaged and involved. If you’re looking for a safe environment for your children to grow and learn, we’re here for you. All designated volunteers go through annual training, and they must pass a background check prior to working with our children and youth. We have a nursery available to serve your children under the age of five.

Your children (ages 5-11) can be a part of our children’s church on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings. We teach them through structured Bible lessons, helping them to learn about Christian character and values. For three days in the month of July, they can participate in a Bible camp, a time for them to have fun and nurture their faith.

Our youth ministry (ages 12-18) hosts activities throughout the year, which allow them to interact and build healthy relationships with one another. To strengthen their personal relationship with God, their Bible study is centered around “Rightly Dividing the Word”, a comprehensive, scripture-by-scripture study of the Bible. During certain months of the year we host “Free 2B Me” – a Friday night fellowship for youth centered around helping them to enjoy living a life full of God-given purpose, one free from sin, depression, and low self-esteem. This group enjoys their own summer camp in June, a time for them to get away from the city to go to a place where they can draw closer to God.
We believe in and follow God’s divine order for the family. As men: fathers, husbands, sons, uncles, and grandfathers, we emphasize the position a man has as leader in his family, and we seek, through prayer and Bible study, to reinforce our respective role within the household.

The men are committed to living a life of Godly standards as a testimony of influence to those who do not know the Lord. We implement these Godly standards in our Recapture mentoring program, a place where we teach our young men how to become men of God. We strive for total commitment to the work of the Lord: in our involvement, in our giving, and in our desire to win souls.
We deem marriage to be a joyful, sacred union, joining together one man, and one woman. We are dedicated to preserving the integrity of this commitment. You might be newlyweds; celebrating 50 golden years; or find yourself somewhere in between. If you’re seeking to fellowship with other married couples, M.A.T.E. is for you.

We encourage couples to grow together in unity, providing Biblical knowledge and spiritual guidance essential to that growth. We offer a community of support, and relationship nourishment events, to include annual seminars and "couples only" retreats.
We are Full Life Offering Christian Kinship (F.L.O.C.K.): the young adult singles ministry (ages 18-30). Members of FLOCK all find themselves at diverse stages of life, which is a vital part of our group identity. We believe it’s important to be active in ministry, and ministry is not confined to the walls of a church building.

F.L.O.C.K. has monthly fellowships aimed at teaching Christian development. Our campus outreach at a local university allows us the opportunity to connect with others in a relaxed environment. Ultimately, each member should commit to their own personal progress, not only spiritually, but also in life skills. We edify each other to: Live. Learn. Grow.
Music inspires, heals, and touches lives. The choir offers the expressive outlet of ministering through singing. If you’re not a vocalist, but have been gifted with the ability to play an instrument, the Tabernacle of David Orchestra welcomes your musical contribution.

Wherever your place may be, every participant is a diligent minister of music, creating an atmosphere where one can freely offer praise and worship to God. This offering requires a personal discipline of excellence, sensitivity, purity, humility, and biblical conviction. We work to model and build a community of “whole-life” worshippers where every aspect of our lives is submitted to God.
Discipleship is taught through the Word of God, and learned with application of Biblical principles in everyday living. Discipleship training serves as a catalyst to our commission to make disciples. Through this training we strive toward cultivating spiritual relationships with Christ, and with each other. We utilize small group study to teach and learn Biblical principles, and to identify spiritual gifts. These sessions transmit concepts in spiritual maturity with practical application projects related to the needs of those within our families and those around us within our sphere of influence.

Life Groups are a specialized segment of small group study. Life Group purpose is to help each one grow in faith through building community, and pursuing intentional growth. Life Groups have three core values – growth, community, and service, all to encourage spiritual growth, build authentic community and encourage regular service.

We are excited about our Home School initiative, which equips parents as the primary educator of their children. Through recommended curriculum, group field trips, and Godly direction, our children are able to learn and grow, both in their studies and in faith.

We are encouraged to share the truth in love and demonstrate God's love and mercy to others. Through these actions, we seek to develop a visibly unified community.
Are you a thespian at heart? Do you have a desire to help with productions? Do you write, have a knack for stage or costume design, or like to work in the background? Sacred Arts has a place for you to put your talents to use.

Perhaps drama is not for you, but you have a gift for expressive praise dance. Full Life Instruments of Praise (F.L.I.P.) is a group that offers worship to God through choreographed movements put to music.
Women’s ministry is an important sector of the church. Through prayer, we strengthen and edify one another. It is our desire for each woman to realize and become the woman God has designed for her to be.

We do not harvest an atmosphere of competition, but rather, we operate in the spirit of God’s grace and love. Each woman, using her gifts and talents, complements her fellow sister in Christ. It is this model we use to teach our young girls how to grow in becoming a woman of God.


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